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Checking your Propane Gauge (Knowing when you need a Refill)

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Finding your Gauge

Finding the gauge on an LP cylinder is very simple. On most tanks, you will find the gauge located at or on the top of the tank. You may have to remove some sort of cover to find the gauge. The Gauge is the round dial as seen in the image below.


Reading your Gauge

The Gauge reads in a percentage that tells you how much propane is remaining in your tank. The Gauge typically reads from numbers 0-80, some may be different. Since Propane is known to expand with increasing temperatures, a tank is considered full at around 80%. The chart below will help show you how many gallons remain. If You are 20% or Less, Let us Know so we can add you to our Refill Route. Give us a call at (814) 886-8451.

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