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What Size Propane Tank Best Fits Your Needs

Determining the right size propane cylinder for your house or business can be quite simple. First, you should decide what all you will be using propane for. Some consumers use it for all their heating, cooking and appliance needs, while others may only be using it for cooking, as they have some other form of heat. Many of these suggestions can vary depending on the size of your home or building, but they will help you get an idea of the size of tank you would need.

23 Gal/100 lbs. Cylinder

A 23 Gal/100 lbs. Cylinder is most often used specifically for cooking on a gas range or cook top and wall ovens. This is the smallest sized tank that we install.

35 Gal/150 lbs. Cylinder

The 35 Gas/150 lbs. Cylinders are also used a lot for cooking, but since there is a larger volume of propane, it gives users the ability to add on one propane powered appliance, such as a dryer.

48-50 Gal/200 lbs. Cylinder

As with the previous Cylinders 200 lbs. tanks can be used for cooking. With the extra amount of propane in this Cylinder, it can be used for more than one appliance. Many customers will have a dryer as well as a wall heater with this size.

70 Gal/300 lbs. Cylinder

This size Cylinder, like the previous, are commonly used by many for cooking. This tank will allow for multiple appliances to be installed, as well as possibly being used for a water heater, for a smaller sized family. This may not apply to larger families or larger houses.

100 Gal/420 lbs Cylinder

If you plan on using propane for all of your cooking and heating needs, as well as multiple appliances, then a 420 lbs. Cylinder is most likely what you are looking for. Depending on the amount of propane you use, we may install more than one of these cylinders, or possibly even a larger one.

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