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Propane for Transportation/Alternative Fuel

Propane Autogas

Propane Autogas can be described as a form of Liquid Propane that has been slightly altered so that it can be utilized by various vehicles. It is known to preform nearly the same as gasoline, and is able to come at just 30-60% of price of gasoline, depending on your location in the country. With such a decrease in price, even if there is a small amount of loss in fuel economy, overall cost will still remain much lower. Using Autogas is also much more environmentally friendly than burning gasoline. Some studies show that it can emit 25% fewer greenhouse emissions, as well as 70% less hydrocarbons. Lastly, since Autogas burns much cleaner, vehicles that use it are less likely to need maintenance and oil changes, which can also add to your savings.


Currently, Autogas is typically used by companies that have a fleet of trucks or vans that deliver often, but it can also be used by the average consumer in their vehicle. To start though, the average vehicle is unable to utilize propane with its stock components, but there are a lot of conversion kits one can purchase, in order to have the necessary parts. Also, a pressurized propane cylinder will need to be added somewhere to the vehicle. Usually, if it is a pick up truck, the tank is placed in the bed, but it is also possible to add the cylinder in an unseen location. Although converting your vehicle may be costly, in the long term, you will save on gas costs. For some it may be difficult to find refilling stations in their area, but this link will help you find the closest one to you: https://afdc.energy.gov/fuels/propane_locations.html#/find/nearest?fuel=LPG


Propane is a great fuel for schools and bus fleets. It is a great alternative to diesel because it is not only much cleaner for the environment, but also very economically efficient. According to some studies done by the U.S. Department of Energy, converting a bus from diesel to propane will save an average of between $400-$3,000 per year that they are running. There have also been some schools that have been awarded sums of money for turning to propane for their bus, since they are impacting the environment much less.

Delivery Fleets

Using propane for a Delivery Fleet is perfect for vehicles of small and medium sizes. There are plenty of businesses and government organizations that have converted their fleet vehicles to propane, including some police departments across the United States. The reasons for switching are very similar for any vehicle, as they fleet will run much cleaner and for much cheaper, over time. The vehicles will spend much less time in the shop, since they will not be running on diesel. Also, there are tons of infrastructure options for propane installation, in order to make refilling the vehicles a breeze.


Propane powered lawnmowers are a great choice for maintenance on the commercial level or for those that find themselves mowing a large yard, often. The mowers are very easy and cheap to refill. They will also produce far less pollution than gasoline or diesel, which will assist in requiring less maintenance on the mowers themselves. Some of the most common businesses where these mowers can be found are ones with massive plots of grass, such as golf courses or parks. Overall, using propane mowers will help lead to cheaper costs on both fuel and maintaining the equipment.

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