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What Can Propane Be Used For?

Updated: Mar 13, 2020


Many customers use propane specifically for cooking. It can be used for appliances such as a gas range and oven. Also, it can be used for items such as cook tops and wall ovens. It is very easy to control the temperature of your cooking while using propane. When compared to an electric range, propane is much quicker when wanting to change the temperature of your stove top burners.

Home Heat/Fireplaces

Propane is one of the most efficient fuel sources one can use to heat their home or place of business. It not only burns much cleaner than sources such as oil, wood or coal, but is much simpler to use than the latter two. The cylinder or tank will be installed outside of your home, gas lines will run to your heater or fireplace, and simply adjust your heat to the desired temperature.


There are various appliances that can utilize propane, rather than electricity in order to become more energy and cost efficient. Some of these appliances include: Wall Ovens, Stoves, Cook Tops, Dryers, and Hot Water Heaters.


Grilling is most likely propane's most known and popular use. It is a much healthier form of cooking than the use of charcoal or firewood. It will help provide your food with a more delicious and natural taste, without the added carbon from wood or charcoal. Also, propane does not require the use of lighter fluid to ignite, which is known to be dangerous for your health. A Grill Tank (20 lbs. cylinder) can be quickly refilled at your nearest propane supplier.


Farmers often use propane as a means of operating their crop dryers. Many of our customers use propane in order to dry crops including corn, grains, potatoes, and soy beans. Drying crops is a necessity before storage or distribution of the product is a capability. If it is stored or transported while still wet, it will most likely mold and become worthless.


There are many restaurants that utilize propane for their needs, such as cooking and heating. There are a wide variety of kitchen appliances that a restaurant is able use with propane, including Ovens, Stove Tops, Grills, Griddles, Pizza Ovens, and Deep Fryers. Through the use of propane a restaurant is able to become both more energy and cost efficient in the long run.


Propane Forklift Cylinders are used to power forklifts for many different businesses. The energy provided by propane will be more than enough to haul around stock, in order to get your transportation/deliveries ready to go.


Propane-Operated Whole-Home Generators are used as a backup, for when the power is out, that will allow you to still operate all of your appliances. Generators are typically installed in locations that are more susceptible to power outages. They generally require a 100 Gallon Tank or possibly larger.

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